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New Holland Deluxe Carted Wheel Rakes Build Fast-Drying Windrows 

New Holland, PA (August 21, 2009) - New Holland’s new H5920 deluxe carted wheel rake builds windrows perfectly matched for crop and field conditions. Its compact design allows for easy maneuvering in hilly and smaller fields.

The new H5920 deluxe carted wheel rake is available in three raking widths from 19’ to 25’7”, using 8, 10, or 12 rake wheels and can produce windrows from 3’ to 6’7” wide. Unlike many carted wheel rakes, the H5920 has a durable, heavy-duty frame with generous rake arm clearance to accommodate higher volume raking. Rake arm flotation suspension is standard equipment for cleaner raking with less soil gouging and longer tine life.

In tight spaces or when finishing up a field, an operator can rake with only one side of the H5920. The raking beam angle can be adjusted to form loose windrows for more air flow or a tighter windrow if conditions are dry or windy.

Each 55-inch-diameter raking wheel uses 40 equally spaced tines to gently pick up and move crop to build fast-drying windrows. Wheel flotation can be matched to conditions and independent adjustment of the spring suspension on the left-hand and right-hand raking wheel beams allows optimal flotation adjustments to field conditions and ground speed.

It’s fast and easy to move from transport to raking and back again with the H5920. The rake folds on top of the cart for easy transport. In the field, the operator simply pushes a lever and the rake wheels lower, and when finished, raises the lever and the wheels fold back up again for transport.




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