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Faster, Cleaner Raking with New Holland ProCart™ Deluxe Carted Wheel Rakes 

New Holland, PA (August 04, 2011) - New Holland's new ProCart™ deluxe carted wheel rakes are designed for fast, big raking capacity. Individual floating rake wheels and newly optimized raking angles provide cleaner raking and help form uniform, easy-to-bale windrows.

"The ProCart carted wheel rakes are the professional haymakers' choice," says Mike Cornman, Dairy and Livestock Marketing Manager. "They offer high-volume haymakers the dependable, adjustable high-speed raking they need to put up quality hay quickly in all types of crop and field conditions."

Each rake wheel, suspended by an adjustable spring, uses an innovative compression spring and linkage pressure system. The rake wheel pressure can be finely adjusted to the crop and field conditions for the cleanest possible raking and added reliability as there are no chains or springs under tension that can work loose or fail. Specially curved rake-wheel arms provide more space for the hay to travel along the rake wheels without bunching to form a smooth, uniform windrow.

The uncomplicated ProCart folding design does not require a tractor with a hydraulic-floating valve. Operators can rake on either side, turn over damp windrows, or select "V" raking with a turn of the hydraulic lock valves.

The three new ProCart models include the eight-wheel 819 model that works up to 18' wide, the 10-wheel 1022 model that works up to 21' wide, and the 12-wheel 1225 model that works up to 24' 6". The sturdy frame provides stability and reliability, yet is compact enough to move fast between farm and field.

Optional hydraulic raking angle control allows the operator to quickly adjust the working width and windrow width on-the-go right from the tractor seat. A large, optional 50-inch-diameter center kicker wheel moves and turns the hay at the center of the swath that typically remains unraked for faster, more consistent crop drying and easier pickup by the baler. The center kicker wheel is easily locked up for transport or when not required in the field.




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