SynchroKnife™ drive: increased harvesting uniformity, comfort and quality for combine headers 
New Holland has revolutionised the way headers are powered with the centrally mounted SynchroKnife™ drive. It ensures an even weight distribution across the entire header for increased stubble height uniformity. Furthermore, these perfectly balanced headers ensure advanced header height control mechanisms, such as Auto Float™ II, work more effectively.

This slim profile solution is neatly situated under the header floor, which maintains smooth crop flow into the header for improved feeding characteristics, as well as reducing non-functional width, and decreasing potential snagging of valuable standing crop by eliminating bulky side-mounted gearboxes.

The central location of the SynchroKnife™ drive has reduced mechanical complexity by eliminating the need for secondary gearboxes on draper headers. Dual opposing hydraulically driven knife drives have substantially reduced the stress on the knife bar which has consequently improved reliability and reduced the likelihood of costly, productivity impacting downtime during the intensive harvest season.

Furthermore, this system has considerably increased in-cab comfort by reducing the vibrations reaching the operator. These heads are designed to fit CR and CX8000 ranges of combine harvesters.


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