Glossary of Financial products

  • Cost master

    Unique Purchase or Lease agreement that has a repayment structure with a final repayment (balloon) which allows the customer 3 options:
    You can pay off the balloon and keep the equipment: sell the equipment to pay the balloon and extend the agreement and spread the final repayment over a further two years, at the interest rate applicable at the start of the agreement.
    The benefit of this type of agreement is that payments are kept lower throughout the basic agreement

  • Finance Lease Plans

    Traditionally treated as a medium term ‘Hire Agreement’, where title to the equipment never passes to the end user.
    The agreement length usually matches the life of the equipment within your business. The rentals could be beneficial as a tax allowable expense.
    A feature of Leasing is that the VAT is paid over the agreement period and is payable with each rental, reducing the initial outlay. 
  • Hire Purchase

    Ownership remains with CNH Industrial Capital until your last payment is made. Any tax benefits are the same as if you owned the equipment.
    All CNH Industrial Capital agreements can easily be tailored to match your cash flow, which allows you to make repayments when it is most suitable for your business, often reducing overall costs.

  • Operating Lease & Contract Hire Plan

    An agreement where you have the use of a machine for a given period, and you pay the finance company a rental for that usage.
    At the end of the period of hire on an Operating Lease, the machine is returned to the finance company.
    At the end of the period of hire on a Contract Hire, the machine is returned to the supplying dealer.
    Hire rentals could be beneficial as a tax allowable expense. The agreements can include a maintenance contract.

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